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Welcome to the
Goldendoodle Love
Resources Page!

If you don't already own the book, you can purchase your ebook here. Hardcopy and Audible audiobook due out summer 2023. 

I'm thrilled to provide you with a curated selection of valuable resources to complement your reading experience. 

Here are the links and references mentioned throughout the book, to enhance your journey as a Goldendoodle owner. 

From grooming to recommended food and supplements to training and everything in between, this page is your go-to hub for accessing additional information, products, and services that will support you in raising a healthy and happy Goldendoodle. 

Simply click on the links below to explore a wealth of knowledge and discover the tools that will make your Goldendoodle love story even more fulfilling. Happy exploring!

Let me know if you need other kinds of resources and I'll try to add them to this page!

Where to Find a Puppy


I've been recommending this training program for years and all of my puppy customers have had fantastic results. You can use the online classroom or get personalized training assistance from Amy and her wonderful staff of trainers. 

Use the coupon code HAPPYPUPS at checkout to save 25%!

Grooming & Care

Health conditions

Avoiding Puppy Scams

Food & Feeding



This is my favorite pet CBD supplement.


Free downloads


Traveling with your dog

Pet policy for commonly flown airlines

My favorite Sherpa carrier for airline travel

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