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Accredited Blue Ribbon Breeder, Goldendoodle Association of North America, adhering to strict Ethics and certified health and breeding standards

Due to overwhelming demand for puppies we will be opening our list for applications each time we confirm a pregnancy. Please click the "Reserve a Puppy Now" button to be notified when we open  applications for our litters.

Please note we do NOT take reservations for specific colors. While we all have aesthetic preferences and we do try to satisfy those, our breeding priorities are health and temperament and we are looking for families with the same priorities. 


Updated March 10, 2021. We hope in early April to open a few reservation spots for our Spring 2021 Large Mini / Medium litter. Please click here to get on our notification list if you are interested in this litter. 

Due to the vagaries of Mother Nature, we cannot guarantee puppies will be available, so we will roll you over to the next litter if needed. 


About the Puppies

Puppies are expected to be in the 30-55 lb range. Puppies will all have wavy coats with very favorable genetics for non-sheddingness and allergy friendliness. Colors will be chocolate and black/silver, and some will have white markings (also known as parti). Temperaments should be super for companion dogs—very people oriented, friendly, and trainable. 



The big day when puppies are expected to arrive is March 11! This means puppies should go home in the first half of May. Puppy selection will be in the second half of April. 



Cali, the mom, is a wonderful, sweet chocolate girl with a curly non-shedding coat. She’s very nice to have in the house, never a bother. She has a perpetual puppy personality with adult manners and sensibility—always playful and happy and wanting to share her joy. Cali is a small standard multigenerational Goldendoodle.


Teddy, the dad, is a sweet, kind golden and white boy with a straight non-shedding coat. He is a quiet boy and we have used him as a dad several times before and been thrilled with his puppies. Teddy, a mini multigenerational Goldendoodle, lives in West Virginia. 


Puppies are expected to be similar in look to Cali’s earlier litter, shown here.


Both parents have extensive health testing and are certified Blue Ribbon (the highest rating) by the Goldendoodle Association (GANA). 



We do not feel it’s responsible to send home puppies without as much preparation as possible. 


Therefore, we ONLY place puppies that have been through our Puppy Head Start Program, which includes Early Neurological Stimulation, and we start basic obedience, crate training, hour manners, impulse control, beginning house training, and more. (Please be aware that you are getting a puppy, and while we start as much as we can, you can and should not expect adult training and behavior from a puppy.) 


Over 95% of our puppies sleep through their first night at home in their crate!


Our pricing for Cali's litter reflects the excellence of our parent dogs and our intensive Puppy Preparation—$5,000. There are a handful of other breeders who provide puppy training, however, they typically add the cost of the training onto the puppy with fees adding up to $10,000 or more. 


Reservation Applications

To apply for this litter, please complete the application here. https://forms.gle/5nurFtgpKf8G2tYy8


This application cycle is only open for Cali’s litter and applications for other sizes or litters will be discarded. Please simply remain on this list if you are interested in a different litter. 

Responsible and ethical breeders

We are a home-based boutique breeder of allergy-friendly multigenerational Goldendoodles.


Our puppies are raised using best practices, using science-backed principles from Midwoofery and enhanced rearing protocols from Puppy Culture and Avidog. 

Your puppy will be raised by professional dog trainers, not by a breeder who happened to learn about training to help sell puppies. Ji and Hariamrit are Professional members of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, the International Association of Canine Professionals, and members of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants. As a world-renonwed consultant for other breeders on science-based husbandry 

We are Blue Ribbon Certified Breeders with the Golden Doodle Association, which means we adhere to the highest ethical standards and certify the thorough health testing of every breeding dog with the association. 

Our GANA certification requires their review and approval of our program, health clearances, practices, and policies.  You may always contact GANA directly to ensure we are members in good standing.

Make sure your puppy is raised by professionals 

Not hobbyists, amateurs, or dabblers.

We are trainers who breed, so your puppy will have the advantage of being raised by professionals.

Dogs are family. Always. 

All of our dogs and puppies live with us as pets in our house or with their own family.


About Our Puppies

All Puppies Go Home with Training!

All of our puppies come with Foundational Puppy Preschool Training completed. That means your new puppy will be started on crate training, socialization, obedience (such as sitting, walking on a leash, and recalling), impulse control, resource guarding prevention, and will have started learning manners around people and in the house.

Please note that since we are working with puppies, whatever training we do here is only as good as the consistency and follow-up you provide at home, and failure to continue to work with your dog at home will significantly impact your dog's retention of our Foundation Preschool Training.


We don't send home untrained puppies, and don't offer foundational puppy preschool as an add-on cost. We feel that it is our responsibility to provide you with a puppy that has had the best preparation for a successful life as possible. Period. In our opinion, there is no other way to raise a puppy or to ensure the best possibility for its success in life.


Please see our Testimonials page and our How Our Puppies Are Different page or call us for more information on just how important training is and why there is such an advantage to taking home a Cosmopolitan puppy. 



Many breeders say they use Puppy Culture but really don't follow or even perform the program at all. To ensure your breeder is actually raising Puppy Culture puppies, always request videos of the puppies and or/process as proof. Our videos can be found here.)


All puppies are raised using Puppy Culture and Avidog protocols and are started on their crate training and beginning clicker-based obedience training before they go home with you. Since they are puppies, they will not be fully trained, fully crate trained, or housebroken, but we start much of the training process for you while they are with us as young pups. We socialize them with children, dogs, cats, horses, and other animals. Puppies are all microchipped and will have had all appropriate vaccinations and deworming for their age.


This video gives a short overview of our puppy development and enrichment program.


















Puppies ready to go home have the following:

  • Have been through our Puppy Culture PLUS development and enrichment program (NOTE: Many breeders say they use Puppy Culture but really don't follow or even do the program at all. To ensure your breeder is actually raising Puppy Culture puppies, always request videos of the puppies and or/process as proof. Our videos can be found here.)

  • Foundational puppy training started (clicker/positive reinforcement training)—Puppies go home knowing how to sit, walk on a leash, go to their crate. They will have started learning manners, such as to sit to come out of their playpen, not to jump on people for attention, and to sit quietly in front of you when they want attention or treats. Click here for a sample video of what a typical puppy knows when it goes home. 

  • Raised in a loving home, not a breeding kennel. All of our dogs live in homes.

  • Personal pre-take-home professional behavioral consultation to help you prepare for and integrate your puppy into your home ($250 value). 

  • Health guarantee*

  • SuperPuppy neurological imprinting (also known as Biosensor or Early Neurological Stimulation) as well as traditional handling imprinting

  • In-home socialization with other dogs, children, cats, horses, donkeys, and more

  • Raised using Jane Killion's Puppy Culture Enrichment Program, shown to increase the size of a puppy's brain, increase their resilience to stress, and enhance their emotional stability. Please note that simply giving toys to a puppy does not constitute Puppy Culture and that Puppy Culture is a time-consuming and technical program best performed by breeders with prior training experience. Please question your breeder about their experience as well as the details of their program if they advertise as using Puppy Culture. 

  • Crate training started

  • Potty training started

  • All vaccines and dewormings appropriate for their age

  • Microchipped with lifetime membership after registration

  • Written Veterinarian health clearance certificate

  • Handling for grooming and veterinarian care started

  • Experience with bath time

  • First grooming, including a sanitary trim

  • Lifetime breeder support—we will make every reasonable effort to help you be successful with your Cosmopolitan Companion puppy for the life of the dog. ​


We offer lifetime breeder support and are will do what we can to ensure your success and happiness with your new puppy throughout its life. Join us on our Facebook page to keep in touch, send us updates and photos of your puppy, and to ask questions or join in on discussions. 


*Our standard health guarantee is 2 years. Any health guarantee is valid only for dogs that are spayed or neutered by 8 months of age, unless sold with agreement in writing as breeding stock. Please click here for additional details about our health guarantee and more.

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Accredited Blue Ribbon Breeder, 
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