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Get your new puppy from the people who teach thousands of other breeders

There's a reason Cosmopolitan Companion Dogs is the Gold Standard for Goldendoodles and Golden Mountain Dogs.  

Ji is known as the "Puppy Professor." She and Hari are the founders of Midwoofery, the #1 science-based breeder education platform.


Midwoofery provides courses and seminars for responsible dog breeders, is the official Core Curriculum for the Functional Dog Collaborative, provides puppy foster education for shelters through Shelter Behavior Hub

and will be the core curriculum for the upcoming 4H dog breeding program. 


What does this mean to you?

It means that you are getting a puppy from the best—the breeders who literally wrote the book on breeding and teach thousands of other breeders how to breed responsibly and ethically.  

While all puppies are individuals and develop at different rates, this is an example of how an average puppy from us can be expected to behave and some of the training they can be expected to have by the time they go home.


Look who is just waiting to steal your heart! These sweethearts are the epitome of good-natured and are amazing with kids. Picture all the cuddles and fun-filled adventures you'll have together!

As adults, they'll be the perfect size, ranging from 15-20 lbs—just right for snuggling on the couch or joining you on outdoor escapades.


Plus, they're already rock stars in their Puppy Head Start training. They're picking up their training like pros and are even sleeping through the night! Yep, you read that right—no midnight wake-up calls! 


These pups are in high demand, so don't wait too long to make them yours. Give us a call today and secure your spot as their new best friend. Your home is about to get a whole lot cuter and a whole lot more fun!

Available Puppies and Their Parents

Previous puppies

Fall Puppies

We expect larger minis in late summer to go home in early fall. Those lists are filling up fast, so reserve now to get the best pick position possible. Our lists typically fill before puppies are born, so reserve now. 

We hope to have another petite litter in late fall. We only have one or two petite litters a year, so reserve early to ensure a good pick position on the list.

Photos are of past puppies that represent some of the possibilities for the upcoming litters, although we cannot guarantee colors or marking since Mother Nature has too much input into how the puppies actually come out for us to predict beyond generalities.

Puppy Curriculum and Prep

Puppies go through our Puppy Head Start Training program and 99% sleep through their first night at home. Read more about how our puppies are different here.

Reserve now as our list fills quickly. 

Please email, text, or call for more information. 

Click below to reserve your puppy now or call/text 352-441-1861.

Goldendoodes and Golden Mountain Dogs

We currently breed Goldendoodles and Golden Mountain Doodles. 

Golden Mountain Dogs are a cross between a Goldendoodle and a Bernedoodle, giving us the affectionate, biddable, and intelligent characteristics of the Goldendoodle and the calm, sweet, silliness of the Bernedoodle. 

We are in love with these puppies! We decided on this cross for a number of reasons.

  • Families wanting smaller Goldendoodles also tend to want a much calmer dog.

  • Families wanting a Bernedoodle often want a more biddable, easily trainable dog. 

Crossing the Bernedoodle with the Goldendoodle will help balance those traits and give us smart, fun, and laid back dogs that are easy to train and have the benefits of genetic diversity.

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