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Some breeders have a reservation list for each litter, and require buyers to commit to the sex they want. If a buyer decides they want to wait for a different litter, or a life event changes their circumstances, or the sex they want isn’t available, then they have to start at the bottom of another list for a different litter.

We used to keep our reservation lists like that, but found there was a lot of confusion and stress about who is getting what puppy, and what happens if the litter has different colors or sexes than people hoped. This is easier for the breeder, as they know ahead of time if a litter will be sold out or if they still have puppies to sell from the time the litter becomes available. But it is not better for the families that are waiting.


We have found that keeping a single master reservation list for our sizes works best for families. One list is for mediums/standards, the other for petites/minis. We have separated these lists since pricing is different for the two categories.   

Having master lists allows you the most flexibility in selecting the exact puppy you want, and you never lose your place if you change litters or want to wait until a later date.


Here is how each master list works.


When a family makes a reservation, they get put next in line on the list.* Let’s use the fictional Jones, Gonzales, and Chen families as examples. The Jones family makes their reservation, followed by the Gonzales and Chen families. They appear on our list like this:


  1. Jones

  2. Gonzales

  3. Chen


As the breeder, we reserve the right to pick first from each litter, so we always appear ahead of all of the families on the list. So in reality, the list is more likely to look like this:


  1. Breeder pick(s)

  2. Jones

  3. Gonzales

  4. Chen


Let’s say we have a litter available. When those litters are 5-6 weeks old, we open the litter to the list for selection. If we want a puppy, we keep that one. Then we tell the Jones family they can pick. The Jones family decides that they want to wait for another litter, since they really want a specific color and sex. So they remain on the list. The Gonzales family selects its puppy, and then the Chen family selects it’s puppy. So our list now looks like this:


  1. Breeder pick(s)

  2. Jones


Before the final puppy payment is due, families can change their minds and return to the master list. So if the Chen family, for example, wants to return to the master list, they take their place after the Jones family and ahead of any other reservations that were placed AFTER the Chen family made their reservation.


  1. Breeder pick(s)

  2. Jones

  3. Chen

  4. Any reservations received after the Chen family made their reservation



So sometimes this means that even though we have, for example, 14 people on the master list and 8 puppies in a litter, not all of the available puppies may necessarily be spoken for from the list since people often choose to wait for a later litter.


This is why it’s good to get your reservation in early—it gives you a priority place on the master list. But also, if you are not particular about what you are looking for in a puppy (eg, specific size, sex, color, personality), then you may be able to get a puppy much sooner even though our waiting list appears quite full.


We know this is not typical, but it seems most fair to us and has been working well. If you have any questions about how our list works, please call or email.

* Please note that regardless of position on the reservation list, we reserve the right to not place a given puppy in any home if it is our opinion or judgement that a particular puppy is not suitable for a particular home or home situation. As wonderful as our adopting families are, there are times that puppies are just not a good fit, and we will not place a puppy in a home we do not deem an appropriate fit. We believe families choose us to breed and raise their puppies because of our experience and expertise. On the rare occasion that this occurs, we ask families to please know we are using our judgement and expertise to ensure the best for both your family and the puppy. In this instance, families will be offered the remaining available puppies or the option to remain on the reservation list for next and future litters and refunds will not be issued if the family decides not to select a puppy from the remaining available puppies. 

Additionally, if information comes to light to change our opinion that a home is suitable for a puppy at any point prior to the family taking possession of the puppy, we reserve the right to refuse sale to that family and will refund any fees paid, less tangible expenses (if any are incurred).

Payment in full must be made prior to puppy selection. Our non-refundable reservation fee is $350 and is applicable to the price of your puppy.

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