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Cosmopolitan Companion Dogs is run by a mother and daughter team, Hari and Ji Khalsa.


Both have extensive experience breeding, raising and training dogs and other animals.


Hari worked as a veterinary technician for over 10 years, and spent over 25 years as a working dog, pet dog, and service dog trainer and kennel master for large police dog kennels.


She has bred Poodles and working dogs that have had successful careers as patrol dogs, tracking dogs, detection dogs, and more.


She has studied with masters in the US, Canada, Germany, Holland, and Belgium, including apprenticeship in Holland with the world-renowned Appie Kamps. 

Her dogs have achieved many distinctions, including Mocha, Silver medal winner in the World Police Games. Click here and here to read more about Mocha.  

Ji is the founder of Midwoofery, a highly respected science-based educational resource for responsible dog breeders.

Over the course of her 20-year research management career, Ji has managed over $100 million in federally funded bioscience research. Ji has a Masters degree in Microbiology and Biochemistry from Arizona State University, including independent studies in the link between canine genetics and behavior.

She completed additional graduate work in molecular genetics and worked as a graduate student in an embryology and fetal development laboratory, which she has found incredibly applicable to Cosmopolitan's breeding program. 


Ji has and spent 20+ years managing large bioresearch projects for major universities and companies. 

She applies her extensive knowledge of genetics, behavior, embryology, development, and health to the Cosmopolitan breeding program.


Ji is an accomplished student of behavioral science, using the most current science-based puppy rearing and training methods to produce outstanding companion dogs. 

Ji is well-known as an educator of other breeders, speaking at conferences or on webinars.

Ji was named 2019 Volunteer of the Year for the Goldendoodle Association for her work in assisting the organization and helping to educate other breeders.

Ji and Hari are both members of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers and the International Association of Canine Professionals. Ji is and Accredited Trainer (IAABC-ADT) through the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants and a credentialed member of the Dog Writers Association of America. 

Both Hari and Ji have decades of experience breeding working dogs and have spent extensive amounts of time training with top canine experts in both North America and Europe. 

To the best of our knowledge, there is no other Goldendoodle breeder with even close to this amount of training and scientific experience.

About Us and Our Dogs


We are a home-based breeder of allergy-friendly multigenerational Goldendoodles. Our dogs come from healthy, time-tested lines with many Champions in their pedigrees.


We are accredited Blue Ribbon breeders with the Golden Doodle Association, which means we adhere to the highest ethical standards and certify the health testing of every breeding dog with the association. We are also certified Excellent by Good Dog.

All of our dogs and puppies live with us as pets in the house or with their own family. If you are interested in raising and owning one of our puppy parents as your very own dog for virtually no cost, please read more about our Guardian Program (available in The Santa Fe, New Mexico area only). 

All of our dogs are tested for genetic disorders and other known breed problems. Our health clearance results are required to be certified by the Goldendoodle Association for our Blue Ribbon accreditation, and we are also happy to share health clearance results for the parents of any litter you are interested in. We are not a puppy mill or a factory breeder, and only breed a few select litters in our home each year. 


Please check out our introductory video and this link to discover how our puppies are different and why we are the Gold Standard for Goldendoodles. We implement scientifically proven puppy rearing protocols to raise only the best puppies for your family.

Ji is known as the "Puppy Professor." She and Hari are the founders of Midwoofery, the #1 science-based breeder education platform. Midwoofery provides courses and seminars for responsible dog breeders, is the official Core Curriculum for the Functional Dog Collaborative, provides puppy foster education for shelters through Shelter Behavior Huband will be the core curriculum for the upcoming 4H dog breeding program. 

It means that you are getting a puppy from the best—the breeders who literally wrote the book on breeding and teach thousands of other breeders how to breed responsibly and ethically.  

Ji Gobi headshot.jpg
hariamrit and bisee.jpeg

Continuing education


As leading breeders and mentors of other breeders, Ji and Hari are constantly increasing their knowledge and education, as well as mentoring and teaching other breeders. Below are some of the more recent professional breeding courses and CEUs they have successfully completed or taught. 

  • Midwoofery, 2019. Ji created Midwoofery, a science-based educational resource for responsible dog breeders. Midwoofery is the Official Core Curriculum for the Functional Dog Collaborative, provides free education and mentorship to shelter puppy fosters through Shelter Behavior Hub, and will be the core curriculum for the upcoming 4H dog breeding program. 

    To date, Ji's courses have all received five stars from thousands of other breeders. Her course catalog includes:

    • Breeder Basics—​Whelping

    • Breeder Basics—Litter Care

    • Managing Puppy Parasites

    • Cleaning, Disinfecting, and Biosecurity for Breeders

    • Canine Embryology and Fetal Development for Breeders

    • Canine Fertility

    • Canine Nursing and Weaning

    • Science for Breeders


  • Puppy Culture, 2014. We were one of the early adopters of Puppy Culture, seeing the tremendous value immediately. We keep up with all current Puppy Culture updates, from weekly news to new publications, such as the wonderful Puppy Culture Workbook.

  • North Carolina State College of Veterinary Medicine Third Annual Symposium on Canine Reproduction, October 2014

  • Ian Dunbar's SIRUIS Dog Trainer Academy, 2014

  • North Carolina State College of Veterinary Medicine Fourth Annual Symposium on Canine Reproduction, November 2015

  • North Carolina State College of Veterinary Medicine Fifth Annual Symposium on Canine Reproduction, An American Kennel Club/Theriogenology Foundation Breeder Excellence Seminar, October 2016

  • American Kennel Club Canine College, 2017, courses completed include

    • AKC Breeding Basics

    • ABCs of Dog Breeding: Genetics Part 1

    • ABCs of Dog Breeding: Genetics Part 2

    • ABCs of Dog Breeding: Breeding Systems

    • ABCs of Dog Breeding: Genetic Defects

    • ABCs of Dog Breeding: Pedigrees

    • ABCs of Dog Breeding: Kennel Blindness

    • ABCs of Dog Breeding: Anatomy Part 1

    • ABCs of Dog Breeding: Anatomy Part 2

    • ABCs of Dog Breeding: Selection

    • Nutritional Influences on Reproduction

    • Whelping and Medical Intervention

  • North Carolina State College of Veterinary Medicine Sixth Annual Symposium on Canine Reproduction, Focus: Canine Genetics. September 2017

  • Avidog Transformational Puppy Rearing, 2018


  • North Carolina State College of Veterinary Medicine Seventh Annual Symposium on Canine Reproduction—A Canine Breeder Excellence Seminar, Focus: The Male. October 2018

  • Epigenetics and Puppies, Pet Professional Guild, December 2018

  • Goldendoodle Association (GANA) Breeder Educational Conference, March 2019

    • NOTE: Ji taught a workshop at the conference on cytology for breeders.

    • Avidog Transformational Puppy Rearing Live Session

    • Neonatal Emergency Care Techniques, with Myra Savant Harris live session ​

  • Auburn University Canine Breeder Excellence Seminar, June 2019

  • Avidog A-Z, 2020

Ji has provided educational courses to other breeders since 2016.


Both Hari and Ji actively mentor other breeders.  


K9 Mocha, Anchorage, AK, Police Department K9, bred by Hari Khalsa, trained and handled by Lonnie Brown. Mocha competed in two World Police and Fire games and won 2 Gold medals in Quebec in 2005 (apprehension, obedience) and a Silver overall medal. Lonnie and Mocha worked as a team in Anchorage for 8 years. During Mocha’s career he had two outstanding tracks of homicide suspects who wouldn’t have been found near the scene without Mocha’s exceptional tracking abilities. You can read more about Mocha here, here, and here.

Felise 9x Sch3 USCA Working Champ_edited

Felise du Chenil du Mirador. Bred by Ji Khalsa, owned and fabulously loved and trained by Donna McGinnis. UScA Working Champion, nine times SchH3, HOT, RH1, TD, CGC. Photo courtesy of Donna McGinnis. 


Ji competing in French Ring Sport with her dog Frieda (FR Br, FRI, CGC), Certified Therapy Dog (Delta Society), bred by Hariamrit Khalsa


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