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About our goals


A biddable dog focuses on and is attentive to her family members. She wants to please, and is able to be a cooperative, functional family member.


  • A dog with low to no biddability won’t want to listen to family members or be cooperative.


A dog with a lovely temperament is able to get along with people and other dogs. His friendly, approachable attitude gives him the freedom to be present when guests visit and to be able to be brought to nearly any safe environment outside of the house without worry of poor or dangerous behavior.

  • A dog with a bad temperament will never be trustworthy or a pleasant companion and may be anxious, irritable, or fearful. Fear can lead to fearful and destructive behaviors up to and including separation anxiety and fear biting.



An environmentally sound dog is unflappable and will be able to sleep through storms and be comfortable in a variety of home and public situations. Environmentally sound dogs can occasionally startle or hesitate, but they should recover quickly.

  • A dog with bad nerves will be afraid of thunder, other noises, new environments, and new experiences. They won't approach things that frighten them and can have negative responses to fear, such as aggression or destructive behaviors.


A healthy, well-put-together dog can be expected to have a long, comfortable life, which is also a great benefit to the emotional and financial well-being of his family.

  • A dog with poor structure can be expected to have more physical problems sooner in life, including arthritis, knee problems, and other painful disorders.


  • A dog with no genetic health testing can have myriad genetic disorders including those that cause blindness, bleeding problems (dog hemophilia), and other debilitating and painful disorders.

We believe it is unethical and just flat out wrong to breed dogs with physical or health disorders that can be prevented by proper testing and management of breeding programs. This includes breeding dogs with bad structure or proportions, dwarfism, brachycephaly (pushed in faces).

Our primary goal is to produce dogs with the temperament to live as a valued family member and the health and structure for those lives to be long and comfortable.


Our program is designed to produce low- to non-shedding family companion dogs, service dog candidates, and therapy dog candidates with a biddable and loving temperament, sound nerves, good structure and health.


Genetic selection and puppy rearing

We believe Cosmopolitan puppies in particular are perfectly suited for these goals. Health and structure are highly heritable traits. Interestingly, so are many behaviors.


Studies have shown that roughly 30 to 40 percent of a dog’s predisposition toward behaviors are based in their genetics, with the remainder being attributed to environment.


Further, studies show that puppies have great brain plasticity until they are about 12 weeks old, allowing us to greatly influence their development.

At Cosmopolitan Companion Dogs, we address both genetic and environmental components to produce the best possible puppies by carefully screening dogs we breed for health, temperament/behavior, and other heritable traits as well as by lovingly, carefully, and painstakingly raising puppies using Puppy Culture, Avidog, and other scientifically proven protocols to take most advantage of the critical early developmental window.


In addition to Puppy Culture, we provide Foundational Puppy Pre-School Training for all of our puppies to do everything we can to prepare them to be happy, well-established--mannered family members.


Experience and knowledge matter

Additionally, we are experienced, seasoned trainers with strong scientific backgrounds.


We attend continuing education programs to remain up to date on current health, genetic, theriogenetic, and behavioral sciences.


We help educate other breeders by speaking at conferences or presenting webinars for other breeders.


A training and developmental program such as Puppy Culture or Avidog is only as good as the people who implement them. And a breeding program is only as good as the genetic knowledge and understanding the breeder has.


Many breeders are earnest and sincere, but that doesn’t mean they have the knowledge and experience to implement a developmental training program such as Puppy Culture to its fullest, or, even properly.

Please see About Us to learn how our credentials make us stand out among breeders and provide us with exceptional qualifications to breed and raise puppies. 


Maintaining the right priorities

While we agree that it’s always pleasant to have a dog that is nice to look at, we believe that healthy, well-built, well-behaved dogs are the basis for any canine aesthetic, and because of that we do not breed for color or size as a primary goal.


When possible and when all other things are equal, we will choose popular colors and sizes, but we will NEVER make that selection over our main goals of health, structure, and temperament.


Please click here for more information regarding the reasons we do not breed for color. 


Last but not least, dogs are family. Always. 

Our dogs are first and foremost loved and valued members of their family.


We do not house dogs in kennels and we do not place puppies in homes where they would be housed in kennels.


All of our dogs live in carefully screened, loving, lifetime homes.


Accredited Breeder, Goldendoodle Association of North America


Association Members are required to provide proof of health clearances achieved on all their breeding dogs and that have agreed to a Code of Ethics regarding their breeding practices and the care of their dogs

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