The Introduction is a short video overview of our program and why our puppies are so special.


Our Nursery shows you where our puppies are born and raised, as well as lots and lots of footage of baby puppy cuteness and romping about.  


Every single one of our puppies goes home raised using Puppy Culture protocols and with our special Foundational Training. Puppy Culture* and Foundational Training show you what you can expect from every Cosmopolitan puppy and some of the training that goes into each puppy.


Advanced and Custom Training gives you a window into our more specialized training. We have trained puppies that go to homes to be Assistance dogs, Autism Support dogs, PTSD support dogs, Epilepsy/Diabetes alert dogs, Hearing Assistance dogs, Hunting/Tracking dogs, Agility dogs, Stage Performance dogs, and more!


And Just for Fun is just that! If you want smiles, definitely watch that library!


*(NOTE: Many breeders say they use Puppy Culture but really don't follow or even do the program at all. To ensure your breeder is actually raising Puppy Culture puppies, always request videos of the puppies and or/process as proof, as we show below.)

We are so glad you have come to check out our video library!


We have tried to capture as much as possible about how we raise and train our puppies.

Click here for more information about out training programs. 


We have a program to suit nearly every imaginable need. You will not find another Goldendoodle breeder that provides the level, breadth, and quality of our training. 

While we strongly believe we send home the best Goldendoodle puppies available in the world, we do suggest families have appropriate expectations.


People see the amazing things our puppies can do and it's easy to forget they are still babies.


Please check out this link about puppy expectations and realities before deciding to take home one of these adorable little superstars. 

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