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What Is a Guardian Home?

We believe that all dogs should be able to live in loving, stable homes where they are a valued member of the family.


All dogs should be treated with respect and dignity.


We believe this is especially true for breeding dogs, as they are our resource for the next generation of beloved pets and service dogs.


We do not have a “kennel” facility, and we do not place our dogs—whether potential breeding dogs or not—in situations where they would live in a kennel environment.


This is where our Guardian Home Program comes in.


We partner with local families, who contribute to our breeding program as Guardian Families, and in return receive their dog at a much reduced price.

Puppy Culture Goldendoodle puppy

Available Guardian Dogs


Please contact us to inquire about available Guardian dogs.


We have one or two opportunities per year for puppies, and on occasion may have a young adult available. In 2020 will hope have 2 males available (no females) for a guardian home. 

Please remember that Guardians MUST live within 60 minutes of the Santa Fe, New Mexico area.


We often get requests from other areas but due to the nature of the program are unable to place dogs outside of this range. 


Interested families please complete an application and we will contact you.

Guardian Families get a “pick of the litter” puppy, adolescent, or adult to become a permanent member of their family, while breeding rights are retained by Cosmopolitan Companion Dogs.


Once your dog’s breeding career has been completed, she or he will be spayed/neutered at our expense, and full ownership will be given to the Guardian Family and the dog will remain your forever pet.


Science (and common sense) has shown that happy, secure dogs produce happy, secure puppies. Therefore, it is imperative to us that Guardian Families are very engaged with their dogs and provide an optimal environment.


The Guardian Program involves the Guardian Family giving a modest reservation fee for the puppy, which is a fraction of the cost of a puppy. For each breeding, you will receive back a portion of the reservation fee.

We only place a few puppies a year into Guardian homes, so please understand that this is not a common option.


Who qualifies to be a Guardian Home?


There are several requirements for a Guardian Home.

  • Residence within 60 minutes drive to Santa Fe, New Mexico (30-45 preferred)

  • Home ownership strongly preferred

  • Safe and adequate fencing and home environment, although some townhouse/condo/apartment situations may work

  • Experience owning a dog, and preferably, experience raising a puppy

  • A lifestyle that permits the dog to have regular, quality companionship and flexibility to allow for breeding events

  • Agreement to make the dog an indoor member of the family, and never to allow the dog to live outdoors or in a kennel, or spend more than minimal time in an unsupervised outdoor environment, or be kenneled regularly.

  • Willingness to feed a diet and supplements approved by Cosmopolitan Companion Dogs

  • Willingness to provide proper prenatal care and environment for pregnant dogs

  • Provision of proper exercise, socialization, and training for the dog

  • Regular grooming for the dog

  • Willingness to have a dog that will be needed for breeding.

    • For a female dog, this involves having the dog stay with us for breeding (usually a few days) and then whelping and puppy raising (minimum of 6-8 weeks). Females usually have 2-3 litters, and no more than 4.

    • For males, this involves a willingness to bring the dog for breedings as needed and within 48 hours notice.

  • Willingness to allow us to visit your home and the dog and to allow the dog to stay with us a few times a year to ensure she or he remains comfortable with us. A side benefit of this is that we will do our best to schedule these visits around your travel/vacation schedule so that we can take care of the dog while you are away instead of a pet sitter.

  • Willingness to be very communicative with us about the dog, your schedule, and other related items.

If you have questions about becoming a Guardian Family, please contact us. 

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