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What is Scam Free Certified?

In 2021, 35% of all online scams were pet related. This is horrible. And until now puppy seekers were helpless. There's now an online service that certifies breeders as Scam Free. They have a proprietary algorithm that verifies whether a breeder is a legitimate entity and whether the breeder is who they say they are, have legitimate websites and social media, and more. 

We welcome you to verify our program here! Our ID is 111232.

Whether you get puppy from us or another breeder, be sure they are Certified Scam Free. 

Can we come see your dogs and puppies?

Please view our Visitation Policy for an explanation of the types of visits we do and do not offer, as well as alternatives to an in-person visit.


Why is your Reservation Fee nonrefundable?

Reservation Fees from people who are just "shopping" from different breeders or not entirely committed to adopting a puppy from us can significantly increase the number of people on our reservation list.


This can give a false estimate for serious buyers about when they can expect to take home a puppy, and this can prevent truly committed families from reserving puppies.


Additionally, we spend a great deal of time communicating and working with families that make reservations.


Like yours, our time is valuable to us.


In the event that a family decides not to take a puppy, we still expect to be compensated for our time and efforts and the need to add a new client to our reservation list, and the Reservation Fee covers this.

How do you raise the puppies and what is in your puppy package?

The puppies are raised by us in our home.


We have decades of experience breeding, whelping, and raising puppies, and our home is dedicated to the comfort and safety of the puppies. 


We do not farm-out the raising of our puppies to homes or contractors that do not have our experience to properly raise the puppies.


We were taught the military "Super Dog" puppy-raising protocol by one of the original developers of the program for the military, and we have used this protocol for nearly two decades.


The Super Dog program provides scientifically validated neurological stimulation that is specific for each stage of your puppy's development.


This protocol is shown to produce dogs that have superior physical characteristics, improved tolerance for stress, and improved resistance to disease. Super Dog puppies were found to be more active and were more exploratory than their non- stimulated littermates.


You can read more about the Super Dog program here: or watcha video here:


All puppies are started on their crate training and beginning clicker training before they go home with you.
Since they are puppies, they will not be fully trained, fully crate trained, or housebroken, but we start much of the training process for you while they are with us as young pups. 
We socialize them with children, dogs, and other animals. Puppies are all microchipped and will have had all appropriate vaccinations and deworming for their age.
This video describes our puppy development and enrichment program.
Puppies ready to go home have the following:
  • Completion of our puppy development and enrichment program
  • Foundational puppy training started (clicker/positive reinforcement training)
    • They will have started learning manners, such as to sit to come out of their playpen, not to jump on people for attention, and to sit quietly in front of you when they want attention or treats. Click here for a sample video of what a typical puppy knows when it goes home.
    • It is important to remember that you are getting a puppy—a baby dog—so that while we provide the very best foundation training possible, you are still getting a puppy, and a puppy can never be as fully trained and reliable as a mature, adult dog. A trained puppy is not the same as a trained adult. 
  • Raised in a home, not a breeding kennel.
  • Personal pre-take-home professional behavioral consultation to help you prepare for and integrate your puppy into your home ($250 value). 

  • Health warrantee*
  • SuperPuppy neurological imprinting (also known as Biosensor or Early Neurological Stimulation) as well as traditional handling imprinting
  • In-home socialization with other dogs, children, cats, horses, donkeys, and more
  • Jane Killion's Puppy Culture Enrichment Program, shown to increase the size of a puppy's brain, increase their resilience to stress, and enhance their emotional stability. 
    • NOTE: Many breeders say they use Puppy Culture but really don't follow or even do the program at all. To ensure your breeder is actually raising Puppy Culture puppies, always request videos of the puppies and or/process as proof. Our videos can be found here.)
  • Crate training started
  • Potty training started
  • All vaccines and wormings appropriate for their age
  • Microchipped with a free lifetime membership after registration
  • Veterinarian health clearance
  • Handling for grooming and veterinarian care started
  • Experience with bath time
  • First grooming, including a sanitary trim
  • Lifetime breeder support—we will make every reasonable effort to help you be successful with your Cosmopolitan Companion puppy for the life of the dog
*Our standard health guarantee is 2 years. Please click here for additional details about our health guarantee and more. Any health guarantee is valid only for dogs that are spayed or neutered by 9 months of age, unless sold with agreement in writing as breeding stock.
Learn more about us here. 

What kind of support do you provide after a puppy goes home?

We offer lifetime breeder support and are will do what we can to ensure your success and happiness with your new puppy throughout its life.
Join us on our Facebook page to keep in touch, send us updates and photos of your puppy, and to ask questions or join in on discussions. 
We do as much as we can to help you as your puppy grow, but please note lifetime puppy support cannot and does not replace actual training or veterinary care, and you will need to train and maintain his/her puppy on a regular basis and contract a professional trainer and veterinarian as needed

How do I reserve my puppy?

A $500 non-refundable reservation fee reserves your puppy.

The fee will be applied to the price of your puppy.

The reservation fee is not refundable, but may be applied to a future purchase.

Please be certain to have the balance of your puppy purchase to us prior to selection, or you may lose your selection slot for the current litter.

Reservations are accepted by credit card.

Reservation fees and purchase price are subject to New Mexico sales tax.

What does a puppy and training cost?

Our puppies are only available with training.

Our decades of breeding and training experience have shown us that puppies are much more successful in their new families if they have basic manners and obedience training, therefore all of our puppies have at least foundational puppy pre-school training.

We do not raise or sell untrained puppies.


Click here for pricing details.

How do I get a puppy if I live far away?

WE are located outside of beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico, and our puppies live all over the United States and Canada. Distance is usually not a problem—our puppies have gone to homes from Florida to Alaska and they fly very well in-cabin. Please call us to find out how to use a puppy flight nanny to get your puppy home. 

You are welcome to come pick up your puppy if you live locally.

Due to airline restrictions and USDA regulations as well as our experience with what is best for the pups, we are unable to ship unaccompanied puppies as cargo, but we will do what we can to assist you with transportation options, as we have other transportation resources we can connect you with.

We can meet you at the Santa Fe or Albuquerque airports, and you can return home the same day on most airlines with your puppy traveling in the cabin with you. 


If you or a puppy nanny are flying to an airport for same-day pick up, we are happy to meet you at a local airport.


Where are the puppies born and raised?

Our breeding dogs are our family dogs and live in the house with us or with their own family in a Guardian Home.


They get lots of daily love, attention, and playtime.

The puppies continue to live with us until they go to their new homes.


We socialize them with humans, dogs, and other animals, such as cats, donkeys, and horses and expose them to a variety of environmental stimuli and people.

Are your puppies tattooed or microchipped?

All of our puppies are microchipped before they leave us for their new homes.


You can register the chip in your name after you submit proof of your puppy's spay/neuter to us. 

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes! As a military and law enforcement family, we support public service and we are proud to offer $150 discount to Military, Police, Fire, EMS, and other First Responders, Peace Corps Volunteers, and Teachers!
*The State of New Mexico requires us to collect sales tax for them on all items sold within the state. Petite/mini breedings are more costly and produce fewer puppies, which is reflected in the price. 

What's so special about your puppies and why should I get a Cosmopolitan puppy instead of one from a breeder that may be cheaper or closer to me?

Please take a look at the chart below to see the differences between us and other breeders, as well as to understand the scope of the value you will be getting when you take home a Cosmopolitan puppy.

Why do I have to pay tax?

We are loca​ted in the state of New Mexico. New Mexico doesn't have a sales tax, but it has a gross receipts tax. All businesses in New Mexico are required to collect tax on all of our gross receipts at a rate of 7%.



Puppy Cultue Goldendoodle
Non refundable deposit

Accredited Blue Ribbon Breeder, Goldendoodle Association of North America, adhering to strict Ethics and certified health and breeding standards

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