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Chews and Toys for Aggressive Chewers

Antlers and Horns are probably the most durable of all chews for dogs, and they love these treats.

Odor Free Bully Sticks. Click on the blue "Chewing Tendency" tab on the left and select "Aggressive" to find which sticks will hold up best for your super chewer.


BBS Bones. Great options for heavy chewers and help eliminate tartar and plaque build up


Natural Bully Sticks. Some people don't like the odor of the natural sticks, but you have a few more options with this type, especially the braided or knotted sticks.

Dog Binky. A Kong-tough toy that pups that usually don't like Kongs even seem to enjoy. You can help your pet develop a love for this heavy chewer toy by stuffing it with xylitol-free Peanut butter or other goodies. 

Woven/Braided Rope Toys. We don't usually like regular rope toys. We find they fray easily, pieces end up being eaten, and they don't last long.


But we do like these woven rope toys. They hold up better and have less risk. These are great for heavy chewers that don't like the harder rubber kong-like toys.


Options for these include the Woven Ring, Super Large Ball (this is a big ball, more of a chasing and rolling size than a retrieving size), Woven Cotton Ring, and Woven Cotton Fetch.   


NOTE: Use of toys and chews for aggressive chewers put more pressure on your dog's teeth, so please talk to your vet about monitoring your dog's dental health to avoid overwear or chipping of teeth.

Knotted bully.png
Braided rope.png

We recommend the following premium chews, training treats and baked goodies offer wholesome, healthy and delicious canine rewards.


None of these selections contain any artificial flavors or colors,  nor corn, wheat or corn/wheat glutens.

Everyday Treats

All-natural, healthy, real-food treats 

Dry Roasted Chicken, Pumpkin, & Cinnamon Strips. Powerful antioxidants help maintain a healthy immune system.

Dry Roasted Turkey & Papaya Strips. 

Dry Roasted Duck & Orange Strips. For best training results, break into small pieces. 

Training Treats

Training treats should be small, no bigger than a piece of kibble. Most treats these days come super sized, so you'll need to cut them down to training size. 

Freeze Dried Beef Liver. Reinforcement never tasted so good. For best training results, break into small pieces. 

Freeze Dried Chicken Liver
Freeze Dried Pufferz Salmon and Cranberry. Excellent for pets on limited ingredient diets. 

Chews/Enrichment Treats

Odor Free Bully Sticks.. Our favorite for a crate or enrichment chew.

Natural Dried Meats and Chews. A huge selection of single-ingredient or minimal-ingredient natural chews for your dog.  

Dental Sticks. Give daily for healthy gums and fresher breath. Also available in a large size

Treatable Training Tools

We use these Sticky Bones for grooming and other training. They suction to your sink for bathing, table for grooming, and even to a crate bottom or other surface for creating positive Conditional Emotional Responses. We highly recommend Sticky Bones, here's a video showing how we use food for a Conditioned Emotional response. In this video we put the treat on the table since we have a dedicated dog table, but the Sticky Bone provides a much simpler and cleaner solution for your household. 

Sampler Pack

Not sure which to try first? Then start with a Treat Me Right Sampler Pack

2016 Turkey_Papaya_Strips_large.png
2015 Chicken_Pumpkin_Cinn_large.png
2014 Duck_Orange_Strips_large.png
2410 Beef_Liver_large.png
2270 Large Dental_Sticks_large.png
2380 Salmon_Cranberries_large.png
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2257B Sticky Bone Blue large.png
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