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Rainy Day Dog Walking: What You Need to Know

Rainy days can be the perfect time to take your pup for a walk—if you’re prepared. The truth is, walking your pup in the rain requires a special set of items, and if you’re not equipped with the right gear, things can get uncomfortable (for both of you). To make sure your rainy day walks are always a success, here are the top essentials you should have on hand.

Rain Jacket

A good-quality rain jacket will keep both you and your pup warm and dry during those soggy rainy days. Look for a breathable fabric that will keep you cool while still offering protection from the wind and rain. If you plan to be out for an extended period of time, it’s also important to find one with reflective features so drivers can easily see both of you in low light.


When it comes to footwear, there’s no need to go overboard. A good pair of waterproof boots or shoes should do the trick just fine. Make sure they fit comfortably so neither of you ends up with blisters after walking around in wet socks all day!

Towel & Blanket

When it comes time to head home after your walk, having a towel and blanket on hand is essential. This will help keep your pup warm and cozy as soon as he gets back inside. Towels also come in handy if either one of you happen to step into a puddle along the way. Just make sure the towel is big enough to cover both of you!

Leash & Collar

Last but certainly not least, having a good leash and collar on hand is essential for any dog walker—rainy days included! Look for one made with durable material that won't break easily in case your pup decides she wants to go exploring off-leash—you'll be glad you did! Plus, opt for something brightly colored or reflective so drivers can spot both of you in low light conditions (just like with your rain jacket!).


Walking your pup on rainy days doesn't have to be unpleasant or uncomfortable—not if you're properly prepared! Having these essentials on hand before heading out the door will make sure that neither one of you has an unpleasant experience; plus, they'll provide extra visibility when needed. So next time there's rain in the forecast, grab these items before heading out for some fun-filled puppy playtime! With these top essentials by your side, there's nothing stopping either one of you from having an enjoyable time together–no matter what Mother Nature throws at ya!


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