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How to Teach Your Dog Some Amazing Tricks

Dogs are loyal, loving companions and can bring so much joy to your life. But did you know that teaching your pet some fun tricks can make the bond between you even stronger? Teaching your pup a few simple commands is not only fun and rewarding, but it also helps them learn more about the world around them. Read on to discover some easy tricks you can teach your pup!

Choose Appropriate Treats

When training your dog tricks, make sure that you use treats that are small enough that they don’t fill up your pup too quickly. You want them to keep wanting those treats during their training session.

Also make sure that the treat is something special - something they don’t usually get - like a chunk of cheese or hotdog.

We recommend these training treats, they are super high value for dogs and they can be easily broken into little pieces for training. Plus, they are low calorie and only contain meat and fruits/veggies—no garbage fillers.


The most basic command to teach your dog is "sit." Start by standing in front of your dog holding a treat near their nose and slowly move it up over their head. As they tilt their head up to follow it, their rear should naturally drop into a sitting position. Say "sit" as they do so, then reward them with the treat. After repeating this process several times, you'll soon find that all it takes is the word "sit" for your pup to respond correctly.


Once your pup has mastered the sit command, you can work on teaching them to stay in that position for longer periods of time. To do this, start by having them sit, then put one hand up in front of them and say "stay." If they stay put, reward them with a treat after counting out loud "one-thousand-one," "one-thousand-two," and so on until five seconds have passed. Gradually increase the amount of time between treats as they become more comfortable with the command.


This classic game is a great way for dogs (especially those who are prone to boredom) to get some exercise while having fun at the same time! Start off by having them sit while you show them a toy or ball and tell them “fetch” in an excited tone of voice. Then throw the item no more than 10 feet away from you so they don't lose it too easily. If they bring it back successfully, offer plenty of praise and rewards! As they become better at this trick, increase the distance between you two when throwing things for them to fetch.

Play Dead

This classic trick is sure to make everyone smile when they see it performed. Have your pup lay down on their side, then say “play dead” while gently pressing down on their front paw. As soon as they stay in this position for a few seconds, reward them with treats and lots of praise! Be sure to start small and work up from there. With enough patience and practice, your pup will be playing dead like a pro in no time.


This one is fairly simple: get your dog’s attention by holding a treat near its nose and then stand up straight so that the treat is above their head. As soon as they bark or make some other noise (even if it’s just a whimper!), give them the treat and lots of love for doing such a great job. It might take some time for them to understand what you’re trying to do, but eventually they should catch on pretty quickly! Keep practicing until they bark or make noise every time you hold the treat above their head—no matter how small or quiet the sound may be!

Shake Hands

Shake hands is an excellent way to show off how well-mannered your pup is! Start by having them sit down in front of you with their paw extended out towards you; then say “shake hands” while gently taking their paw in yours and giving them a few gentle pats on the back as rewards. If they don’t quite understand at first, keep practicing until they understand what you want them to do—they should learn quickly once they get the hang of it!

Roll Over

We don't recommend teaching a dog to roll over, especially larger dogs, since it's a risk factor for boat and portions. Not to worry, there are many other tricks you can replace instead!


Practice makes perfect when it comes to teaching our dogs new tricks. But don't forget that bonding with our furry friends should also be part of the lesson plan; after all, these are skills that require trust between both parties involved—so take breaks often and enjoy spending quality time together during these learning sessions! No matter which trick(s) you decide to teach your pup, we hope that these tips help make training an enjoyable experience for both humans and pups alike! Happy training everyone!


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