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How to Keep Your Dog Safe During Easter and Passover

Easter and Passover are some of the most festive holidays of spring. While these celebrations bring plenty of joy, they can also contain hazards that could hurt your furry family members. As a dog owner, it's important to be aware of what items can harm your pup so you can keep them safe during the holidays. Let’s look at some common Easter and Passover hazards that you should keep away from your beloved canine friends.


It's no secret that chocolate is bad for dogs. Chocolate contains caffeine, theobromine, and other chemicals which can make your pet very sick if ingested in large amounts. The darker the chocolate, the more dangerous it is for your dog—so keep those Easter eggs far out of reach! If your pup does get into some chocolate, contact your vet immediately or call an animal poison control center.


If you're planning on decorating with lilies this Easter, be sure to keep them away from pets in general—but especially cats and dogs. All parts of true lily plants are highly toxic to both cats and dogs if ingested; even small amounts can cause kidney failure in animals within 48 hours. If you think that your pet has eaten any part of a lily plant, seek veterinary attention right away!

Matzah  and Hametz    (Leavened Products)        

 Passover calls for a week-long holiday where Jews abstain from leavened products (hametz), such as bread, pasta, cereal, crackers etc., and instead eat unleavened products (matzah). While these foods may not seem like much of a threat to our four-legged friends, many people forget that matzah dough is made with yeast—which could cause serious health issues if eaten by pets in large quantities. So when celebrating Passover this year be sure to keep all matzah foods out of reach from curious pups!

Easter and Passover bring lots of joy but they also come with potential hazards for our furry family members. As we've seen here today chocolate is dangerous if ingested by pets; lilies are toxic to cats and dogs; and matzah products should always be kept out of reach due to their high concentrations of yeast. By being mindful of these potential hazards during these festive holidays you will help ensure that everyone has a safe and happy celebration!


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