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Food rotation

We cycle the food of our dogs and recommend that most families do the same, providing there’s no veterinary reason not to. Food rotation provides them with variety, which is important not just for appetite, but for health. Just like with humans, a varied diet is healthy for dogs. It keeps them interested in their food. It enhances the diversity of their microbiome. It reduces the risk of allergies and food intolerances, as well as helping to avoid potential issues, such as the nutritionally associated dilated cardiomyopathy that has been in pet health news recently.

Food rotation can be done on any schedule, from daily to quarterly (every few months), depending on your lifestyle. All this means is that instead of feeding a single flavor for the life of you dog, you should change flavors. You can change food flavors daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or on another schedule that is convenient for you.

Depending on your dog's individual digestive system and the robustness of their microbiome, the only consideration is to avoid digestive upset in food changes.

You can read more about food rotation here and here.

Rotate with care

We rotate food on an almost daily basis. Because of that, our dogs have a robust digestive system and don't get tummy upsets from food changes. We recommend food rotation starting at about 16 weeks of age. When you start rotating food, you need to change over slowly: begin by changing over the course of a week. If your dog experiences gas or loose stool, you are likely changing too quickly. We recommend Gastro Pro Plus as a daily supplement when starting a food rotation program. Thereafter, it can continue to be used daily or on an as-needed basis. Gastro Pro Plus will strengthen the microbiome of your dog and help soothe any potential tummy upsets. ​

Not all dogs can tolerate food rotation. If you have any questions about feeding or are experiencing any challenges, please contact us for assistance. Consultations such as this are part of your Lifetime Breeder Support, so please reach out if you need us.

Food rotation alternative

Not all dogs can tolerate food rotation and not all families want to deal with rotating food. We understand—It can be confusing and time consuming. As an alternative, you can add a variety of superfood seasoning toppers, such as PawTree Seasonings.

We find these seasonings are a great substitution for food rotation. They are our first recommendation for any picky eater, and to add nutrition, boost your pet's immune system, and are suitable for both dogs and cats, so all of your furry friends can share. Like other PawTree foods, they are made in the USA.


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