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Feeding picky dogs


You’ll learn more than you ever want to know about picky eaters when you breed dogs. Our girls often lose their appetites when in season and while pregnant. Some puppies can also be persnickety, especially during weaning. Decades of training and raising dogs have made us canine gourmets.

Here are our go-tos for better appetite, in order of use (so we start with 1, if that doesn’t work, go to 2, etc): 

  1. PawPairings* (seasonings)

  2. Wet PawPairings (make a light broth on top of food)

  3. Low sodium duck, chicken or beef broth

  4. Chicken breast “breaded” in pawpairings

  5. Cat food, either a can of wet made into a broth on top of regular food or cat kibble. This was recommended by our repro vet.

* This is our favorite brand of dog seasonings. Nothing but freeze-dried real food. If you want to try them, please message and we are happy to send you a sample or can give you a coupon code for a 3 for the price of 2 deal (and a money back happiness guarantee)


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