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Don't Buy Puppies from Puppy Brokers: Here's Why

Nothing compares to the joy of raising a dog that you have handpicked and taken care of since they were young. As dog owners, we all want the best for our furry companions, and that includes ensuring that they come from a reputable breeder. Unfortunately, some puppy sellers, known as 'puppy brokers,' take advantage of unsuspecting buyers using unethical practices.

Who are Puppy Brokers?

Puppy brokers are middlemen who buy puppies from multiple breeders and then sell them to pet stores, online stores, or directly to buyers. These brokers often operate in the shadows, making it difficult for buyers to know where the puppies really come from. With no regulation, they prioritize profits over dog welfare and often employ inhumane breeding practices. They usually keep the puppies in terrible conditions, separating them from their mothers at a young age, and transport them for long distances, leading to significant stress and illness.

What do they Do?

Puppy brokers are essentially a link between breeders and buyers. They purchase puppies from breeders and then resell them at a marked-up price. Most times, the puppies they sell are not what they claim to be. There's no guarantee of breed characteristics or even good health as they may use fraudulent paperwork to misrepresent the puppy's ancestry, genetic testing, and other medical histories. Your puppy may end up having an array of health issues, which may lead to costly vet bills, heartbreak, and even premature death.

Why you should Not Buy a Puppy from a Broker

Puppy brokers operate in ways that could lead to serious concerns about the puppies' well-being. By buying puppies from these brokers, you support their illegal and inhumane operations, as opposed to ethical breeders who prioritize the welfare of the puppies. When compared to reputable breeders, brokers are not fussy about the puppy's new home. They may sell a puppy to anyone willing to pay, not caring if the new owner is capable of adequately taking care of the puppy. Furthermore, because of their unethical breeding practices, your puppy may often be damaged early on, which might lead to health issues later in life.

What Should You Do Instead?

Finding a reputable breeder is paramount to ensuring that you're getting a healthy and well-mannered puppy. Reputable breeders prioritize the well-being of their puppies, and they're committed to the breed's improvement and care. They usually interview prospective pet owners ahead of time to ensure that the puppy will be going to a suitable home. They also have legal paperwork and verification for the puppy's well being.

We love our pets, and we want what's best for them, but sometimes that can be hard to navigate. Puppy brokers represent a callous and ruthless industry that profits from illegal and unethical breeding practices. If you want a healthy, happy, and well-mannered puppy, you only have one option: buy from a reputable breeder. Although the initial cost may be high, it is insignificant when compared to costly vet bills that arise from buying from brokers. As responsible pet owners, let's stay away from puppy brokers, support ethical breeding practices and create a better world of animal welfare.


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