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The secret to a happy and successful puppy

Studies show that what happens to your puppy when it is young is likely to have long-term effects.

Interestingly enough, studies also show that temperament testing early in a puppy's life doesn't reliably predict the behaviors that will be seen when the dog is grown (with the exception of a dog's tendency to explore). This is consistent with what we know from service and guide dog puppy raising programs as well.

We base our program on science, and what the science has shown is that puppy testing does not predict the personality you will see in your adult dog, but what happens to your puppy in its first year is most critical to the personality you will see in your adult dog. This is why we place our efforts into scientifically backed protocols, including Puppy Culture*, that best prepare your puppy for a happy and successful adulthood. *(NOTE: Many breeders say they use Puppy Culture but really don't follow or even do the program at all. To ensure your breeder is actually raising Puppy Culture puppies, always request videos of the puppies and or/process as proof. Our videos can be found here:

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