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Grooming Your Goldendoodle

There are many wonderful things about owning a Goldendoodle, one of which is that some shed very little and many don't shed at all!! They do require occasional brushing or they might get some matting of their coats.

For a full-coated dog, a light brushing about once every week or two is usually good, depending on the environment and activity level of the dog. They look best with some light trimming of face and beard, and can be clipped shorter if that’s easier for you to maintain.

A Goldendoodle is easy enough to groom that you can do it at home and don’t have to send him or her to a groomer, unless you prefer that convenience.

You will want to have a slicker brush and a comb for grooming. A slicker brush will get out most of the tangles, but will not groom down to the base of the coat. After you brush your dog with the slicker brush, a good combing will ensure that no matts or debris is left near her skin. The comb will be able to groom her coat all the way to the skin, and will give you that great Goldendoodle look.

If you have your Goldendoodle clipped to have a shorter coat, then you likely won’t need to do any brushing or combings between clippings.

A poodle also doesn’t shed much (If at all) but requires more grooming attention, including more frequent brushing and clipping. Poodles are more prone to matting than Goldendoodles.

We have found several dog and puppy care products to be particularly effective for Goldendoodles and Poodles. These products are available in our Store.


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