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25 Hilarious Names for Your Puppy

If you recently welcomed a furry, four-legged friend into your home, you may be in the process of finding the perfect name for them. No matter if your pup is a playful pooch or a cuddly companion, having an amusing name that shows off their personality can make it easier to bond with them and more fun to call them.

Here are 25 funny names for puppies that will make you laugh out loud as you search for the right fit. Some of these monikers are puns based on popular phrases, while others are simply silly words that will make everyone chuckle when they hear it.

1. Kit Kat – For the sweetest pups who always have something nice to say (or bark).

2. Mac N Cheese – It’s cheesy but also very fitting for any yellow-colored pup!

3. Chewy – This is great for dogs who love to chew on everything in sight.

4. Chipotle – Perfect if your pup loves to spice things up!

5. Fluffy McFlufferson – If your pup has a lot of fur, this one’s a must!

6. Beast Mode – Does your dog like running and playing? Beast Mode might be an ideal fit!

7. Applesauce – A good option if your pup just loves apples!

8. Captain Snuggles – A good choice if your pup loves cuddling and nap time!

9. Taco Bell – Is your pup Mexican? This one’s sure to get some laughs!

10. Sir Barkalot – For the regal canine who likes to wear crowns and rule over his kingdom (AKA - backyard)

11. Sushi – Perfect if your pup is a fan of raw fish!

12. Lil' Bo Peep - If she's got lots of energy and likes roaming around outdoors

13 .Pistachio - For sweet little pups

14 .Snowflake - For those cold winter days when snowflakes cover the ground

15 .Butterscotch - The perfect name for any puppy with golden fur

16 .Darth Vader - Ideal choice for any puppy that's full of mischief

17 .Scooby Doo - The classic cartoon character we all know and love

18 .Frodo Baggins - Perfect name if he loves going on adventures

19 .Cupcake - Because he loves treats

20 .Romeo - The ideal pick if he's full of charm

21 .Pepperoni - Perfect selection if he loves pizza

22 .Princess Leia - Great choice for any princess

23 .Yoda - Find yourself a wise little puppy

24 .Gizmo - From everybody's favorite Gremlins movie

25 Quigley- A great option if you have a curious little explorer in your house

No matter what type of breed or personality type you have, there’s probably at least one funny name on this list that would suit your beloved pet perfectly! With these 25 hilarious names for puppies, finding the right moniker is sure to be no challenge at all—just choose whichever one makes you smile most! You certainly can't go wrong with any of these options; after all, laughter goes hand in hand with owning a pet!


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