Training Tips

Dogs are valued for their companionship and also for their intelligence. It has been estimated that there are over 400 billion dogs on the planet!

Dogs are smart: Different breeds of dogs and different dogs within each breed have different types of intelligence. Given the thousands of years that dogs have lived and worked alongside humans as well as the adaptability of dogs, there are thousands of different jobs dogs have been bred and trained to do.

Dogs have been bred to hunt, herd, protect, search, pull, guide, race, etc. While these are great and valuable abilities that have helped mankind over the ages, most dogs in the modern world no longer are required to work. They are primarily kept for companionship and recreation.

This often makes for a longer and more pleasant standard of living for the dog, but at the same time, does not take into account the drives bred into dogs over the ages. So drives that were once essential characteristics for a working dog, are, in a more domestic setting, likely to cause behavioral problems.

Luckily, most of these problems are able to be remedied. Most dogs aren’t bad dogs, they just need direction and training.

Here are some training tips we've compiled from working with dogs and their people over the last several decades. Some of them are common sense, and others ma